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Space Coast Clean Energy Symposium

On-demand replays have been created for four sessions from this event, as held live on February 15 -16, 2012. The Future Is Now Foundation created a Webcast for the event held on-site at the Florida Solar Energy Center. Scroll to bottom of page for session details. Plus, the opening session with Keynote Speaker from USDOE has been added.

If for any reason you can't see the media player, simply try another browser.          CM AICP Credits applied for and two sessions approved thus far for live sessions.


The lever on the bottom bar of the player can be used to advance or rewind the videos.

You can see the video by clicking the arrow in the center of the screen (or clicking the arrow at the lower left hand side of the player. If you start with the latter arrow and then want to change to full screen, click on the square at the bottom right of the player box.

Day 1, February 15

Balance of modules in production ... coming soon.

Module 1: USDOE Keynote

Module 2: International

Module 3, Federal Grants
Coming Soon

Day 2, February 16

Energy Funding & Finance

Module 1: Gil Sperling, Senior Advisor, USDOE


Module 2: Danny Parker, FSEC

Module 3: Doug Coward, Soar & Energy Loan Fund

Module 4: John Wakefield, EcoAsset Solutions

Module 5: Bill Guiney, Johnson Controls

Space Coast Annual Clean Energy Symposium
February 15 -16, 2012

Here's an outstanding event you can attend live at the Florida Solar Energy Center (Cocoa Beach) ... or, through the power of technology, we'll be presenting three of the Symposium sessions live online. The two day
agenda is here. The sessions that you can attend online are:

NOTE: Permission given Feb. 15 to also record Keynote Speaker from USDOE and the replay of her remarks appears above.

Session #1: Keynote with US Department of Energy

Session #2: Exploiting International Clean Energy Opportunities
February 15, 9:30 -10:30 AM

Moderator: Jim Fenton, Director, Univ. of Central Florida’s Florida Solar Energy Center

- Michael Schiffhauer, Director, Enterprise Florida

- Mark Senti, President, Advanced Magnet Lab; Co-Chairman,
Space Coast Energy Consortium

- Traver Kennedy, Director, Center for Advanced Innovation - Chile

- Frank Bevc, Director, Technology Policy, Technology & Innovation, Siemens Energy

- J.L. “Buck” Martinez, Sr. Director - Project Development, Florida Power & Light

Session #3: Federal Grants Supporting Regional Energy Industry Development in Florida
February 15, 11:00 - 11:45 AM    AICP CM credits approved, #e.19360

This panel will review two recent Federal grant awards to help support and develop the clean energy industry in the State of Florida: the Space Coast Clean Energy Jobs Accelerator, and the Florida Cleantech Acceleration Network.

Moderator: Tony Gannon, Space Florida


- Percy Luney, Space Florida, VP of Education, R& D and Workforce

- Mike Aller, Executive Director, Space Coast Energy Consortium

- Lisa Rice, President, Brevard Workforce Development Board

- Chester Straub, Executive Director, Technological Research and Development Authority

- Dr. Tom O'Neal, Vice President, Office of Research & Commercialization, University of Central Florida

- Dr. Tim Anderson, Professor & Director, Florida Energy Systems Consortium, University of Florida

Session #4: Local Energy Finance and Market Opportunities
February 16, 10:30 AM     AICP CM credits approved, #e.19361

The panel includes:

Moderator: Michael Smith, Project Director & Counsel, Space Coast Energy Consortium

- Doug Coward, Interim Executive Director, Solar & Energy Loan Fund

- Bill Guiney, Director, Solar Heating & Cooling, Johnson Controls

- Danny Parker, Senior Project Scientist, Florida Solar Energy Center

- John Wakefield, Managing Director, EcoAsset Solutions- South Florida PACE Program

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