Energy Solutions for a Bright Future
       Legal Aspects of Energy Finance & Development

An on-demand replay of this event, as held live on March 13, 2012, is below -- first module, with others to come soon. Presenter slides are included. 

Prorgam qualified for 2 AICP CM credits (1.5 as Legal) and Florida Bar CLE credits.

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Program Summary

Florida’s unique legal structure relevant to renewable energy and energy in general poses both challenges and opportunities to increase the clean energy economy.  Without understanding some of that framework, it becomes difficult to understand and gauge what those opportunities may be.  Whether the goal involves developing and implementing a local government energy financing program (like Property Assessed Clean Energy or “PACE”), green building and sustainability measures, utility programs or local government capital improvements, you’ll learn about the issues, options and strategies at this webinar.


• Michael Wallander, President of Demeter Power Group, Inc.

• Erin Deady, P.A., Of Counsel to Corbett and White, P.A.

• Michael Goldstein, Managing Partner of The Goldstein Environmental Law Firm, P.A.
Their topics follow:

Mike:  The Webinar will start with an overview of Florida’s legal structure for renewable energy concentrating on solar technologies.  We will discuss what the challenges are to implement solar projects on residential and commercial properties that don’t rise to the “utility scale”.  We will talk about some innovative strategies within that context that build upon incentive programs as well.  Innovative projects will be discussed and some of the initiatives of both investor owned and municipal electric utilities will be outlined.
Erin:  The session will then focus on one strategy in particular for deploying renewable energy and energy efficiency projects-PACE.  We will provide an overview of the legal context of PACE, both federally and at the state level, as well as an update on the federal litigation on PACE.  We will also provide an update of the court-ordered federal rulemaking process and the types of issues that the rulemaking covers.  Finally, we will provide an overview of the status of PACE nationally and in Florida.
Michael:  This discussion will explore the emergent opportunity that exists for reusing contaminated sites – both large and small - for the siting and production of renewable energy and how such opportunity relates to sophisticated smart growth and green construction planning efforts in both
urban and rural communities across the state.   Significant emphasis will be placed on rapidly evolving policy and market trends, design protocols, unique permitting challenges and opportunities, availability and sources of capital, liability management strategies, case studies, and useful and content-rich third party resources for webinar participants to reference at their convenience.  The presentation will conclude with recommendations designed to assist local governments successfully reposition municipally owned contaminated sites for accelerated reuse and capital investment by renewable power developers and operators.                                                

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On-Demand Replay

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Module 1, Intro & Michael Wallander

Module 2 - Erin Deady

Module 3 - Michael Goldstein

Module 4 - Q&A Coming


Presenter Slides

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