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                Economic Development & Clean Energy

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Economic Development & Clean Energy:  Creating Positive Returns for Local Economies

Clean energy technologies offer a diversity of ways to boost local economies. Get in on the action in support of your community. Bring green jobs and a thriving clean tech sector to your locale. Learn how to plan for, locate, attract and support clean energy industries of wide variety, including those already in your area and others to recruit.

Discover “green era” approaches and insights from state and national leaders. Gain an insider’s perspective on overcoming obstacles and finding real world solutions. Use what you learn to help make Florida an international leader in clean energy industries and green jobs.


John A. "Skip" Laitner, Economic & Social Analysis Program Director, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) – Long-time national leader in the dual realms of energy and economic impacts

Mario Farias, CEO, Farias Marketing-Group – Tampa area firm with strong experience in renewable energy economic development

Buck Martinez, Senior Director of Project Development, Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) FPL Next Era Energy

Mike Aller, Executive Director, Space Coast Energy Consortium – Engaged in diverse economic development activities and innovations for clean energy

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Module 1, Intro & Skip Laitner

Module 2, Buck Martinez

Module 3, Mike Aller

Module 4, Mario Farias

Final module to be posted soon

Module 5, Q&A and Closing Info

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Slides for Skip Laitner are coming

Slides for Buck Martinez are here.

Slides for Mike Aller are coming

Slides for Mario Farias are here.

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