Energy Solutions for a Bright Future
Community Partnering for Clean Energy

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A growing number of communities these days are seeking new ways to be green and sustainable, and working with utility partners is a high impact way to do so. Decisions about energy sources and services provided by utility companies have significant effect on the environment, public health and local economies.

This Webinar looks at how communities and power companies can engage in a joint mission to tap clean energy sources, boost energy efficiency, create green jobs and bolster area economies. Learn from a panel of national and state experts about energy options and cooperative strategies for green results.

• Karl Rabago, Vice President, Distributed Energy Services, Austin Energy

• Barry Moline, Executive Director, Florida Municipal Electric Association

• Pegeen Hanrahan, Registered Professional Engineer; Principal of Community and Conservation Solutions, LLC and Former Mayor, City Gainesville

• Jennifer Clymer, Senior Associate, ICF International (Energy, Environment & Transportation department), US Department of Energy Technical Assistance Program advisor 

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